Quick tutorial for getting started with pythonOCC

pythonOCC (http://www.pythonocc.org) is a wrapper for the free geometry library OpenCASCADE (https://www.opencascade.com/). It allows the programmer to leverage the extensive libraries and ease of use of the Python language with the powerful CAD tools of OpenCASCADE. The steps of this tutorial were performed in Windows, but it should work similarly under Linux after the first […]

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H3DExtensions, the free library of extensions for Helix Toolkit , updated to version 1.01

Read more here: http://pupi.co/index.php/devlog-feedback/49-helix-toolkit-extensions-updated Registered PUPPI users can download H3DExtensions from here: http://pupi.co/index.php/h3dextensions/download-h3dextensions H3DExtensions provides: -Easy mesh contour extraction -Spline generation -Point cloud editing tools -Point contour editing tools -Capped loft generation -Save mesh to STL Get the Helix Toolkit here: https://github.com/helix-toolkit

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