Project Management System

We developed and deployed an integrated a project management and time logging system consisting of a LAMP server, a web GUI written in PHP, and a detailed report generator working from Microsoft Excel®.
A MySQL plugin for Excel was used to connect to the project SQL database directly using VBA scripts and forms.

Employees can log time in time sheets for specific projects and tasks using a Web based GUI. Financial details for each project and for company expenses can be added at various levels of granularity:


Managers can review company status at glance or pull up detailed information on specific projects. The reports are displayed in Excel and can be customized for each company:

Business Intelligence

A macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet can also be used to interact with the database directly for adding / removing projects , tasks and invoices:

Editing database from Excel using VBA

Custom VBA forms provide data filtering features for generating reports for a single project:

VBA Form