CopterCAD is a free parametric multicopter design software which can export aircraft and components to STL files.


PUPPICAD is a free PUPPI-powered computational design application featuring visual workflows that rival the power of textual programming. 
PUPPICAD is the best solution for creating complex parametric 3D models based on programmatic rules, and much more.
PUPPICAD can be easily extended to use .NET libraries as visual programming modules. No programming experience is needed to use a variety of free code libraries! 
Get PUPPICAD for free at

Virtual Reality Applications for Science and Engineering

Our first VR apps City CFD VR and Aircraft CFD VR show the potential of virtual reality to enhance visualization of scientific data. We can create custom Virtual or Augmented Reality apps to showcase your company’s product on this new and exciting medium.

PUPPI Visual Worflow Applications SDK

The Parametric Universal Programming and Process Interface (PUPPI) is the ultimate toolkit for customizing Windows applications and deploying cloud-connected interfaces on the web or mobile devices. Try PUPPI free at We can also develop custom PUPPI based solutions for your needs.

 Custom Project Management Solutions

 We can deploy customizable solutions featuring Microsoft Excel, SQL databases and Web Interfaces for managing your small business projects, employee timesheets and accounting. We developed advanced reporting macros in Excel, allowing you to keep track of the pulse of your enterprise.

 Extension functions for Helix Toolkit

 A WPF CAD DLL library with static methods providing some extra functionality related to the Helix 3D Toolkit.
Tools are provided for easy mesh contour cutting, point set processing,loft generation and saving mesh geometry to STL.
Get it free here.